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A Rival Is Basically Family

Wiglaf doesn’t do much hero work these days, but he remembers!

Mordred’s laziness has rubbed off on him in the worst way. Lol.

Edit: Mordred’s rubbing off on me, too. Lol. *feeling super lazy* Though I feel justified. My Wednesdays need to stop being so busy. I’m always tired when I get home. I need to get back into the habit of drawing on Tuesdays again (which doesn’t always work either ’cause that’s turned into a friend hangout day…hurm). Either way. I spent my night making pasta salad and I am proud of this accomplishment.  So with that, I’m going to read and go to bed. I’ll see you guys on Friday! :D


Mordred’s laziness rubbing off on Wiglaf would be the most successful villainy possible. If the world’s greatest hero is too lazy to do any heroics, there may as well be no more hero.


It’s very funny that Wiglaf is concerned Arthur’s not being evil. Most heroes, when their nemesis stops being evil are concerned that they’re creating a larger, super evil plan. Wiglaf is concerned Arthur is depressed.

(Wiglaf is the guy all heroes should aspire to be.)

By the way, Lilily, would you mind answering some (hopefully) non-spoiler questions for me?


Of course! I’d love to answer questions. :D Though it might be easier to get a hold of me asking on Anon on Tumblr since the caching here doesn’t refresh unless I do it manually.


Oh. Uh, sorry about this then. Anon on Tumblr doesn’t work very well for me, so I’ll just try it here. If you don’t respond I’ll try posting it on the next page when it’s released. Also, feel free not not to answer any spoiler questions and I’m really sorry if there’s a lot.

(Probably) Non-Spoiler Questions:
1. Were Éclat and Grace part of a three-sword set? I think it was mentioned they were, but I could be wrong
1a. If so, what is the third sword? What does it do? Who has it?
2. Why doesn’t Éclat’s name fit the theme for the items? Does it mean something in French?
3. If Camlann touched that red stone again and the former items were within range, would it turn them back again?

(Maybe) Non-Spoiler Questions:
4. How did Wiglaf get his powers? Was he born with them? They developed later in life? Random occurrence? Related to Security somehow? Bitten by a radioactive lion?
4a. Would Bliss’s power work on Wiglaf? It probably would depend on how he got it, if it’s biological, magical, etc.
4b. What’s Wiglaf’s max carrying capacity? Does he even have one? Can he even be injured through convention methods?
5. Can people who aren’t owners of the objects still use them? Like, if Azrael picked up Êclat in his sword form and touched something would that have any effect?
6. How does Éclat’s powers affect living things? I’m pretty sure it worked on Lancelot’s plant awhile back, but what would happen if it touched an animal/human?
7. How does Bliss’s power work on Camlann’s? We’ve seen in the past that she can stop his powers, but say she activated them in the hotel. Would that part of the hotel just disappear? Would nothing happen? Would it not disappear but the electricity and stuff would stop working? I guess it depends exactly how Camlann made the hotel, ex. is it all made of magic, did he transmute the air, did he conjure materials from elsewhere, etc.
7a. How DID Camlann make the hotel? Like, the examples above “how.”
8. If the non-object main cast members (Mordred, Wiglaf, Driver, Lancelot, Azrael, Benjamin (+Security and Camlann if it would even work on them)) got transformed into objects, what would they be? What powers would they have?

(Almost Certainly) Spoiler Questions:
9. Will the former objects ever get transformed back?
9a. Can they use their powers as humans? (I’m thinking no, but it’s worth asking.)
10. How angry exactly is Arthur at Sedrick for the whole “attempted coup and kidnapping?”
11. Can Camlann purposely choose to transform back into a sword?
11a. If he did, could he turn back to a human on purpose?
11b. Could he turn the objects into humans and/or former objects back into humans without the red stone?
12. What are the limits on Camlann’s powers?
13. Will they ever get the thread out of Camlann’s mouth? (Might have actually been done already my long term memory is terrible.)

Crack Questions:
14. If Wiglaf and Camlann had a kid, would that kid be Superman? Just… think about it.

I am really sorry if this is a lot of questions!


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