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A Security Never Tells

It’s up!

*passes out*


I’ve decided to take a drawing vacation. I’ll still be around on DA, Goodreads & Twitter–but there will be no WaM updates until Sunday, 10/21/12. 

I love you all, but I’m sure you’ve noticed the late updates, and my general spaziness over the past few months. I’m taking a much needed ‘me-break’ to work on other things like writing, or just drawing for me. Or just doing nothing.

Thank you for understanding! I’ll try not to do this again for a while. 


Way, way older.
Still looks 13

Holy flying monkey butlers, Security is a Timelord!


Read theories. Scroll to bottom. Revel in last theory.


He’s not a Time Lord. XD The sci-fi thing that he uses that I’m not telling you about pre-dates Dr. Who. (Sorry, I know Dr. Who is popular, but he is NOT a Time Lord. Never has been, never will be. XD)


Security’s method of travel first appeared in Sci-Fi literature in XXXX prior to Dr Who which started in 1963. Was going to give the date of publication but that might be too big a clue.


Good boy Security! *ruffles hair* Everyone went where they needed to go! And now you are absolutely adorable! (Not that he wasn’t adorable before…)

And now the Bystanders can get Driver’s and Mordred’s autographs to add to their collection! =D


Nice touch adding the Bystanders to the strip.

Security rocks. He sent everyone exactly where they needed to go in practically no time at all, and he was willing to face the punishment of losing his teleporting ability so that he could save his friends. Excellent.

The others will have to be pretty careful from now on, since they probably won’t be able to count on any more miraculous rescues from Security for quite a while. It will be interesting to see how they deal with the next danger they experience.


I hope the gang knows that Security is out for the count. Otherwise they’re going to get into so much trouble. Not that they aren’t anyway.


Pfff! XD I can just imagine that sort of line being used in a bar trying to get a drink! “I’m actually a lot older than you! I only look 13, darnit!” (I can’t really imagine security drinking, and most certainly not swearing save for “fiddlesticks!” or “darn it!”, save for extreme circumstances.


OMG Guard-er I mean “Security” looks so adorable. Sadly, it only makes the whole Hnaef and Security thought in my mind more probable now. XD If the old strip of Hnaef saying he couldn’t afford him and how security looked at him then was hilarious, NOW looking at this scenario makes it gold. XD


Ah, therewe are, finally caught up after so long.

Got to say, interesting back stories. Glad to know where grace came from finally. Interesting about Ecat though. wouldn’t have guessed.

Curious about everyone else though. especially the couple. also bliss.

Keep it up! (and I’ll try and keep up this time!)


Oh my god.
Oh my.
Security, I love you.
And SecurityxHnaef is now allowed. Officially, I mean.


I just want to know, Did the bystanders got their autograph(I am talking about Arthur,Sedrick, and Gawain’s autograph)?


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