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A Vacation!

They like just got home after spending forever at a lake.

Mordred does not want to leave his apartment.

Ever again.

Shame Wiglaf doesn’t like that answer.

(Also, I’ve seen the new Invader Zim movie like four times. Lol. I feel like I’m back in high school. xD)

Edit: Decided to go to bed early because I found out today I’m running a D&D campaign tomorrow that I have prepared absolutely nothing for. Heh. So we’ll call this a Labor Day break as I go to bed early to make sure I get up in time to get stuff ready. o-o See you Wednesday!

Edit #2 – On Wednesday: So, Monday morning my fish Raven passed away. He was a good boy that was a little over a year old and I was sad to see him go. We honored him in the aforementioned D&D game I had to DM by having the final boss be a Shark monster. :D And to cheer me up, today when I got home from work my mom took me out to look for a new fish. I hadn’t planned on going today, but we did find one. And now I get to spend the rest of my evening cleaning up the tank and getting it all ready for him so he doesn’t spend the night in the cup again. o-o Because of that, NoWaM! But I will totally see you on Friday and hopefully I’ll have a report of how Dio is doing! (Which is the name of my new fish. :D)


Wiglaf, when was the last time a vacation actually ended up being a vacation for you? Or anyone going with you?

THAT is why he’s looking at you like that.


Wiglaf’s an optimist. He can’t help it.


And Mordred is a lazy pessimist and is only ever happy when someone else is doing stuff or someone else has bad stuff happen to them, preferably both at the same time.


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