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A Wild Ben Appears

Sorry; panel two looks like a pokémon battle frame from the games. Someone said the title line in the ustream~ And it stuck.

Mwa ha ha ha.


See us Friday for this arc’s climax!!! :D

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Popsicle” by New Kids On The Block


Éclat is grinning and exited, that cannot be good.
Poor Ben he looks so, ‘I’m sorry for what I’m about do’ here.

Ah, XD I love the Pokémon reference(s).

Ohh, I can’t wait for Friday’s comic, it’ll be so epic I’m sure.


Wow… Ben must be stronger than I thought to swing Éclat around like that… Dang thing must weigh a freaking ton.

And Camlann never never stops, does he? Whines when Wiglaf won’t use him, and now he’s complaining because Wiglaf had to draw him. What the hell, man? XD


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