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Abominations Get Lonely, Too

Poor Jelly Bliss~ She just wanted to say hello!

Oh, and look! Characters we haven’t seen for  a while. XD

Edit: Exhaustion + Rough Times at Work + Hyrule Warriors = No WaM on Friday. Broken Record away! *passes out playing Animal Crossing*

Edit 2: There will be a comic on Sunday. It’ll just be late. Sorry, not feeling so good tonight (headache for once. XD;).


I don’t have time to reread the archives, but isn’t that the “random couple” who have appeared before. I think at the night club, then Boudica’s thing maybe, and maybe an airport…I really should just reread.


Yes, the Bystanders have shown up several times in the past. If you go the the character page, I feel like there might be a list of pages they’re in? Maybe not, it’s been a while since I was in the cast page… Or you could click the tag at the bottom of this page that says the Bystanders and it should do the same thing


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