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Accountant At Heart

Sedrick got a lot of practice with bookkeeping under Arthur. I think it did him well.

Poor Janus. She’s all insulted XD Wheeee.

But yes, getting feedback everyone’s happy with this arc. Which is good. ^^ Yay!

Song Listening Recommendation:

“White Rose” by Toby Keith


Oh my. I’m quite impressed, Seddy. Of course you’re dealing with the lesser evils. And I’m not quite sure how screwing with Arthur’s sister (whom he is rivals with) will hurt him worse, especially as you seem to be smart enough not to risk their father’s ire by touching his grandson.

So I’ll give you a B+. Decent effort, but ultimately it doesn’t further your ultimate goal of harming Arthur.


Oooh things seem to be getting interesting… I’m only a fifth of the way through.., but I wanted to let you know I am enjoying the comic considerably. (personally, a little more action would have been nice, but I see more developing ^_^) Keep up the good work.
PS. Your Dad’s comments are golden :) (I agree with him that the white lined text outside the bubbles are a little hard to read)
PPS. I don’t get why people don’t understand Driver’s accent is southern. I got it right away. ^_^


Hurrah! Yeah…me and action. *cough* It’s getting there slowly. XD

And you get a *high-five* for that. Because no one could tell. XD


I could tell. I don’t know why people found it so hard either.


Nah, Sedrick is probably going to get the ok from granddaddy Garrot for giving his kids a boot in the right direction. Unless he goes too far.

In which case as it was so eloquently said, “My, my – his life expectancy keep dropping.”

How far will his gambit go? He is Arthurs best friend, and this is probably half irritation at Arthurs incompetence. Picking a fight with the both of them may be be a poor choice.

Siblings forced together through a mutual foe? Is that his end game?

Bah. I spend too much time on this.


I like how you portray Sedrick as having prepared thoroughly before attacking Janus. He clearly planned his attempted coup very well and moved quickly to target all the weak spots in the Garrott empire. This is getting very interesting.


I’m back after vaca and this arc is moving along quite nicely. So many unexpected twists. Also, nice choice with “White Rose”. Cheerio!


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