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Admit It, You Saw This Coming

I had way too much fun drawing today’s strip. Considering it’s the end of the first major arc, it’s a good thing that I’m happy with it. In particular the last two panels.

On that note, this is the last we’ll see of Wiglaf and Mordred for a bit. The next arc will feature Janus & Co. Hope to see you Sunday! :D


Haha! This is fantastic. Mordred’s had this coming to him for a long time. Wiglaf just proved that he knows how to use psychological weapons too. The last panel with Wiglaf grinning and clutching the terrified Mordred is just great.

And you know, Liliy, the line that you gave Wiglaf in the first panel is very close to what I was thinking he should say to Mordred. Nice job!


“Small annoying blonde girl!” was my favorite part.

Now more than ever, Wiglaf reminds me of you.


So wrong, on so many levels. XD Where is Brat in all of this? Shouldn’t she be trying to save her future husband? Or does she see this working to her advantage?


…I’m at a loss for words. I truly am. (Well, ok, maybe not yet. This hasn’t become a Loveless crossover at this point.)

…I’ll just agree with Mike and move on.


Awesome. Power to you, Wiglaf. Let’s hope you best Mordred and cure him of his wicked ways. If not, who cares? It’ll still be one heckuva ride. 8D


I was rereading this recently (archive lurking ftw), and I simply must say; I wish I had a Wiglaf to my Mordred, haha. I love this comic ^^


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