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Airport Security Lines are Boring

Well they are.

In other news, “Schtick” is a fun word. I’ve been waiting forever to use it. Now all I need to do is get ‘Quixotic” and “Quaff” in there and I’ll have fulfilled my ‘favorite words I need to share with the populace” list.


Work’s going to be insane today; I can already tell. Something about that giant project that needs to get out by the end of the day. Friday’s shouldn’t be allowed to be busy. *sighs* Comment…it makes the day go by faster each time I see a new one.*cough* Guilt Tactics *cough*

Love you all. XD Wish me luck!

And just ’cause:

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Within You” by David Bowie from Labyrinth


Yes. Yes they are. *_*;

Wiglaf looks so strange with just that shirt on. He needs his chainmail. Excellent use of “Schtick”; such an awesome word. Hopefully you get to use the others, too.

Fav’ line is still “Ya’ can flirt later.”, though. XD

Hurray for random Labyrinth! So glad I had the sountrack on the trip. XD And good luck today! Hopefully it isn’t too bad. ^_^;

…why am I even awake? *dies*


I’m half surprised that Security wasn’t in this one, since the first time we see him was at the airport.


Poor Wiglaf– no weapon, no armor… but at least you can use Mordred as a human shield, if you decide you want to be bad. ^=^ I second Mike’s opinion, though. Wiglaf with bare arms and bare neck just looks…odd. Mordred without his scarf is colorless, but Wiglaf without his chainmaille is weird. You seem to be having a great deal of fun with his hair, Liliy. Does this mean he’ll be getting another haircut when it grows out long again?

Now: *rubs hands gleefully.* what is driver reading? It could be one of the action/adventure novels she likes. It could be a review of the driving regulations in England(? is that where they’re holding the concert?). It could be a map. It could be a supermarket guide to “10 Creative Ways to Kill Pink Misses that Crush on Your Favorite Person.”
I’m placing my bets that she’s reviewing the driving regulations so that no-one tries to give her job to someone else.


I have to compliment you on the dialogue in this edition. It’s very funny and it rings very true. :D

Wiglaf sure looks different without his chainmaille and just a shirt. Poor guy. And I wonder if Security is at the airport somewhere around the security checkpoints. If he’s not there, maybe he’s manning security checkpoints at the Garrott mansion for the concert.


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