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All About Looking Cool

Most magic is mental, really. The arm movements just make you look cooler.

And it’s effective.

Camlann is so bored and Boss is gonna’ snap.


This whole thing with boss apparently putting effort into over powering Camlann has got me to wondering something. What would boss look like with a beard or as an old guy? And at wondering about that, what kind of styles has Boss worn over his long life span? I’m sure there’s some disco photos of him somewhere. XD


There is no denying that Boss rocked Disco. He’s only sad the era was so short. He would never grow a beard though. He’s Clean Shaven forever.


LOL XD Well it’s nice ta know I was able ta guess that about boss. Did he have an afro then? Or something more along the line of a Johnny Bravo hair style?


Stamina vs Stubbornness….hmm, I almost wonder if Camlann’s going to overpower Boss just to ask “Are you done yet?”
(That or Wiglaf makes a move while Camlann distracts.)


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