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All Business

Ha ha. Don’t worry…we’ll be back to the people you actually care about eventually. *looks over shoulder at certain someone glaring b/c storyline isn’t’ past this already* Heh…

I can’t help it. T_T I like Horatio and Viola.

And stuff.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Make Me Bad” by Korn


Panel 4 wins the comic. :lol2:
I’m curious as to how much money Security makes as, uh, security. Seeing as he could probably hold 8 jobs at the same time and could be doing *anything* in the off hours, It’d be interesting to say to say the least.


Heh heh, I love Horatio’s comment about drinking games. That would actually be a plausible secret for Viola to hide. XD So now we know Viola is a part-time thief, and she may be a spy as well. We’re still unclear on how extensive her surreptitious activities are.

The dialogue with Security and Hnaef was a nice touch. :D


The next page should really be of Security and Viola pulling some major heist. Security persons unite! :D :D


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