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All Jobs Have Them

The required training film videos only became amusing when I was in re-hire training. Because everyone had seen them at least twice. And it was a free for all snarkfest. And ended with everyone having ‘Safety Dance’ stuck in their heads.

Do I miss working in the service industry? No. Good-bye grill! Good-bye deep friar! Mwa ha ha ha ha!!

I traded it in for a desk job runnin’ AutoCAD. And today’s comic title lies…b/c I’ve been at my new place of employment for two years and have yet to suffer through a training video. *throws confetti*

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Safety Dance” by Men Without Hats


His expression in the first panel is priceless. XD

Training videos… yes. XD I had to suffer through those during my (very) brief excursion into the retail industry. Never goin’ back there (clings to desk job). Hold on to it! XD


I love this one! I laughed so hard. His expression is the exact same expression all of the new-hire employees get. Especially the teenagers after the first ten minutes when they realize just how bad the video is.

Excellent. This comic is made of awesome and win. So much love. So much love.


I bet their training video is fairly interesting as they go though. Horribly evil, twisted, and designed to warp your mind but the subject matter is a step up.

Gah! Wiglaf could sneak in by pretending to be Gawain! The Garrotts might be thick enough not to notice.


1) did wiglaf ever watched the training video?

2) how old is the video?

3) how often do the henchmen die?


1) No. He was the quick neighbor boy for hire at a summer house. He was never officially hired by ‘The Family’

2) Old. Early 90′s, late 80′s old. Bad editing and everything.

3) Only when they don’t listen to the safety tips provided in the video. D:


Haha, the snooze fest of watching training videos. :happy: I’ll bet Gawain will sleep through most of it and will only pay attention during scenes that feature attractive henchwomen. XD


Lol, Gawain looks so funny in that first pannel. :P

And that is definatly NOT what I’m looking forward to when I get my first job. And yes, I am 16 and only attempting to get my first job now. :sly:


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