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All the Time in the World


So yeah, weird having a comic without a joke. Just Grace being creepy and Azrael being depressing. Whoo~

Hrm. Huurm. Hurk.

Don’t mind me. I’m reading Watchmen fanfiction and remembering how much I love Rorschach.

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“Dream On” by Aerosmith


Y’know, seeing this flashback makes me want to go back through the archives to see the Grace-Azreal interaction knowing what Grace looks like.


“I’m fine, dear one“? I hope he talks that way to all the Valkyries, because that’s a fine way to start a fight between them.

Interesting transition from proto-Azrael’s obstinacy through blankness to Azrael’s almost-melancholy. Is that regret we’re seeing?


Ha ha, he’s called Sv√°fa “sweetness” before if I recall. He’s got a whole little collection of generic terms of endearment for women. :P


Okay, now I definitely need to go back and read all the strips with Azrael + Grace interactions and put grace in there and just imagine what he could be saying. XD

Anyways, I actually like the comic without a joke; this one’s just a nice, not too strong, but emotional way to end that brief glimpse into Azrael’s past and it felt really nice. Or maybe it’s just me ’cause I’ve been watching too much Heroes and trying to come up with emotional back stories for characters. :P


This is interesting. Azrael obviously wasn’t very happy upon meeting Grace, but he seems very devoted now… I’m guessing we’re going to be told how that developed, so now I’m waiting with bated breath!


I like how the bubbly lines separate the flashback from the present-day sequence. Azrael certainly has a lot to occupy his mind being bonded with a malign spirit since he was ten years old.


This whole Grace part started while I was on vacation so I just caught up with it and I have to say, this makes all those pairathon entries involving Grace even more disturbing.

(Cool page though. Azrael in the last panel creeps me out a bit for reasons I’m not sure about…)


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