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Almost as Good

Hey out there! Hope everyone had a good Turkey Day!

And to those of you who are stuck going to work today like me, we can do it!

In other news, wet hair is difficult. I think I got it across…maybe. If not, oh well. Their hair is just flat today. :D It was fun to draw in any case.

Poor Geoffry. He’s too normal for that home. XD

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Hair” from “Hair”


My eyes are glued to the screen. WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT?!

And, thank you! That song is going to be running through my head all day now ^0^


After all these years, Geoffry still hasn’t gotten used to the wackiness of the mansion. XD

Excellent job drawing Janus’ final expression, Liliy, with her grinning broadly and gleefully texting somebody.


I can just hear Janus’s evil laughter in my head in the last panel…


She’s so awesome! I bet she’s calling Arthur to gloat because she saw Mordred in her wing…I think. Well, whatever it is, I bet it brings trouble for them (and embarrassment to Mordred).

I hope that you had a good Thanksgiving! Thank you for putting up this strip even the day after Thanksgiving when you had to work. :happy:


Oh dear, what is Janus going to do? And why is the main ‘party’ thundering around like a herd of cows when they’re on a rescue mission?

I think you got the form of what wet hair should look like: flat and limp. But it seems like there should be a water effect or sheen to the hair as well. But it’s still good! :lol:


You know… that’s the first genuinely malicious face I’ve seen here. That’s a face that would fit perfectly on a Marvel or DC villain. I fear for our heroes <_<


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