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Already Forgot

Whoo. This was a fun one. XD I’ve finally decided to make the move to getting WaM to be more Print-Friendly. So I had to double the canvas size & redo all my personal settings for text and the like. So if WaM looks a little odd while I adjust to the new sizes…that’s why.

More importantly:

HAPPY EASTER!!!!  Rejoice for the Lord is Risen!

Now go spend some time with your family and/or friends. :)

Song Listening Recommendation:

“I Still Believe” by Danny Gokey


Happy Easter! The Lord is risen! The Lord is risen, indeed! Hallelujah!

Re. Bliss: The question is, will this jog some screws back into place? Or will this make her mean and angry? Or will this cause her to quail and flee to Mordred?


Happy Zombie Jesus Day everyone!

I take it she forgot how to turn on her powers? Poor, stupid, foolish girl…

We love her anyways.

And I vote angry, cuz hell hath no fury.


Hmm… I could debate you on that first point: my friends heavily into RP tend to think Christ more lich-like than zombie-like. Then again, they don’t know Gawain. :D

Angry Bliss would definitely be fun. I wonder if she could get ahold of Camlann by the ear.


…They do realize that lich’s are undead sorcerers who brought them selves back to life through the means of black magic in an attempt to make themselves immortal(or close to immortal) right?(at least, according to D&D anyways)
I still think ‘zombie Jesus’ sounds better.

And yes, an angry Bliss could be fun, especially since we don’t know what she would do.


If that’s the definition than Lich does sound more accurate – Jesus is God, so God brought Himself back to life & He [God in Flesh aka Jesus] became immortal afterwards. So…it works better than ‘zombie’ which is usually a re-animated dead corpse. :D


Well, the full definition(according to wiki) for a Lich is-
A type of undead creature. Often such a creature is the result of a transformation, as a powerful magician or king striving for eternal life uses spells or rituals to bind his intellect to his animated corpse and thereby achieve a form of immortality.
They are necromancers who are unsatisfied with the level of power that they currently have, wish for longer lives so that they might dedicate every moment of their existence to the attainment of knowledge and power.


Let me just say that I love the fact that there is a fairly scholarly debate going on on whether the resurrected Jesus is more similar to a lich or a zombie. :lol:


Guys, guys…
Can’t you remember? He’s called the Holy GHOST for a reason here folks.
The question should be what kind is he?


Happy Easter! Praise the Risen Christ!

Uh oh, Bliss is losing her touch. Maybe the impact from Camlann’s energy blast will provoke her to reactivate her power. She does hate anything she considers rude, after all.


Bliss really is the most interesting, mind-boggling creature of these supernaturals. Grace really just wants to kill. Éclat just wants to have mean fun and use his powers. Camlann just wants petty revenge. Bliss is the only one whose motives (due to her lack of such things?) and full personality are in the dark.


Is it just me or is Calman going for the title of “Most Evil Entity of the Year”

By what just happened either her null doesnt work on him (doubt it since it nulled a certain zombie) or she goofed on her powers reactivation> I am going with the oops on her part. Wonder if getting hurt will activate some sort of self defense mechanism and she goes postal on our psychopath? Seeing her with a glint of mean last time has me craving more even though I like our pink ditz as a cute pink ditz.


either her power is on…


She hasn’t turned off her power in years. She forgot she could.

She probably forgot how to turn on her power.

Just ask your parents if this ever happened to them and you will get a resounding yes.


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