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Always A Trick Question

Ha ha. I like Brynhildr’s shirt.

Hope you all are enjoying all The Valkyrie Sister action. :D

*yawn* Sleep…

Song Listening Recommendation:

Transformers Op


Not that I’m complaining, but all of this Valkyrie fan service is very out of character for WAM. XD

And Brynhilder looks great. She needs to stop obsessing over what that psychopath Azrael thinks. Poor Sigrdrífa looks more than a little out of her element. XD


Hooray for more Valkyrie action! You made Sigrdrifa look real cute in this picture, Liliy. And I agree with Mike that Brynhildr really doesn’t need to strain herself for Azrael’s approval.

Ha! More Svafa craziness in the background! :D


:$ Hee… Isn’t Brynhildr sweet? And poor Sigrdrifa~!

Aaaand, Liliy, are you going to be doing any more of the character memes? No pressure or anything, just wondering~ :happy:


Facepalm…What is wrong with me? Why does your choice of lyrics make me think disturbing things about Brynhildr? As in, what was she before the transformation? O_o


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