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Always The Exception

Look, don’t interrupt Brat when she’s inquiring about Mordred. That’s important business!


Looks like someone is loosing their temper.

For someone as old as him you would think they would have a bit more self control.
Ah who am I kidding.
Megalomaniac, cannibal, and leader of a secret society.

It would be funny if he ended up itemized and in the hands of someone he just couldn’t control. Like Kenney the wino.
[the evil part of me wants him to end up being a commode in a public restroom at a transit facility near a taco bell]


She….kind of has a point. You kind of ignored the rules of polite society when you made…every single dramatic entrance ever so far. And everyone else, too. But otherwise, those rules apply. We’ve got evidence to back it up, Boss. By these rules, you’re the one in the wrong. It’s crazy, but there it is.


I’d make a comment about “Even Brat can sass Boss!” but that was actually pretty funny….(both her complaint about manners and her claiming an exemption from manners, on the same page. You should get a medal! (Just not from Mordred, obviously.))


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