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And Back Again

“Around the world and back again, that’s the sailor’s way!”

I can’t remember where I first heard that quote, but I’m pretty sure it was Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka.

But yeah, here we are. Strip 100. *throws confetti* So not only do you get Wiglaf and Mordred back, but he’s got a new shirt to boot! (It’s covering the blood stain.)

So, thanks so much for hanging around for so long and commenting! I hope to continue and see you all for strip 200!! Love you all lots!!! :D


Very nice. I like Wiglaf’s new shirt… though I still think the triforce would’ve been hilarious. Great job with the background too. =D They’re so much like a married couple it’s a little disturbing. *_*;

And they do shave their faces, right? XD


Yay for the Sweeny Todd razor! The new hair on Wiglaf is kind of hot.

Mordred is reading Harry Potter, right? Taking lessons from Snape I bet!


Congratulation on 100! This really makes me want to set up a site and get my own comic to 100 comics.^^

But this is awesome.^^ w00t for Sweeny Todd razor! And Wigalf’s hair is dang awesome.^^ And his new shirt is awesome, but I agree the triforce would have been hilarious. X3

And if he was reading Harry Potter that be too perfect. :3


Hip Hip Hooray for Strip #100!!! *Blows a party noise-maker* Thanks for keeping us so entertained with this series, Liliy. :D

Wiglaf’s new shirt/tunic looks good, just right for a knight. And I’ll bet Mordred is looking for some literary inspiration for future villainy and mischief-making. ^_^


That looks GREAT, Liliy! Wow! And it’s a perfect re-introduction, that answers a random question: shoes come off when walking around the Springland Apartments lair. :)

So many congratulations on your accomplishment! I hope you feel really chuffed– 100 comics, and not a missed one yet, is nothing to sneeze at.

*Chuckles@Mordred’s abstract poster.*


Yes. They do shave their faces. And no…it’s not a Sweeny Todd razor. But it is a straight edge. :D

And yes. *nods* Shoes definitely come off when walking around Springland Apartments. :D


I suddenly realised that Wiglaf and Mordred are just like Yamamoto and Gokudera XD (from Katekyo Hitman Reborn…not sure if you read/watch it?)


….. Why is he using a straight razor? Most people don’t use those unless they are going to like a professional barber who knows how to use one properly without hurting them.


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