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And Chloroform

Yes. She’s back. Certain people can stop bugging me now.

Shame we’re back with Sedrick on Friday.  :D

Song Listening Recommendation:

“This is How It Feels” by The Veronicas


Ack, the Brat!!!! …Hey, do her parents call her Brat? Or will we *GASP* FINALLY FIND OUT HER REAL NAME?!?!? Of course it’s always good to be on a first name basis with your stalker… Using an alias is so impersonal when your hunting down the object of your undying affection…(Speaks from experience).


Wait a minute… Brat is blonde also… is SHE Lennart’s daughter too? Poor Vilhelm.


Eeeee– Lennart with his hair down!

Why does brat have to have such an awesome pink dress? Now I want to cosplay her. :((

I might just do it. Though I’d definitely have to make the dress reversible.


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