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First of all – Happy Easter Everyone!! Let us all rejoice and be glad Jesus lives! To those of you who don’t celebrate – go color some eggs and grab an Easter Bonnet anyway~

Today’s strip was fun~ I think mostly because I finished on time for once. XD Huzzah!

Hmm. In other news – added a new comic to the Links page: Tamuran. The Artist for the comic gave me a Llama at DA and I was drawn in by the art style~ (And turns out he was linking to WaM the whole time. XD). Anyway – got all caught up reading it today and you guys should check it out~

What else, what else? Oh yeah – I’ve now made it through the fifth and sixth Elm Street movies. Five was pretty bad (Greta’s death = just disgusting) and its only saving grace was I like Alice (the main girl.) The sixth movie just went the way of Gremlins’ 2 and if this isn’t a flat out comedy I don’t know what it was. XD But it made me laugh so it’s all good.

Edit: Just finished the 7th film : New Nightmare. Very, very good. Especially if you’ve seen the first film. Nancy is so hard core. Now all I’ve got left is Freddy vs Jason and I’m done~

Edit 2: And a little art to celebrate:

Happy Easter

“Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge,
but he who hates correction is stupid.” Proverbs 12:1


Happy Easter! Good quote~

Gotta’ love the differing goals; wonder how well they’ll actually do? I’m guessing they’ll do better keeping tabs on Mordred than actually prying the orb from Wiglaf. XD


I have a feeling that either Wiglaf will willingly give them the orb, for some reason yet unknown, or there’s absolutely no way they can get it.

After all, Wiglaf has to be perfect at everything (besides making friends) right? :raisebrow:


Happy Easter! God bless. :D

Gawain and Hagen may get to bond some more during their reconnaissance. That should be interesting. If they want the Orb, they’ll have to get it before Wiglaf since Wiglaf could just throw them up in the air effortlessly. Something tells me they’ll be gone a lot longer if they have to find an entirely new magic object of equal value.


Happy Easter! I don’t celebrate it, really, but coloring eggs is always fun. :P Yay, update, on time, I think? All I know about the update schedule is that it updates every…other…day?

Ooh, they can be scary too, and it seems our little Zombie friend is more concerned with the sallery cut then the finger cut…seems understandable…I guess. He’s willing to loose more fingers if he doesn’t loose more money I guess. :| I love Arthur’s pose and expression in the last panel for some reason…he just gave a threat yet he smiled so innocent-like. Just gotta love him, don’tcha. :$


Happy Eggs and Bunnies Fertility Festival and Jesus’ Re-Birthday! (un-Deathday?)

I think it’s the hips and the smile on the last panel that make Arthur look especially Janus-y today xD I like that shirt on him though. And yay for Hagen-Gawain hijinks!

Also? Yay Tamuran :3 Damned good comic and fun people <3


wow, thank you for the kind words and the link! Yeah, I’ve been reading WaM for a long time… I’m just a professional lurker. >.>

And Gawain is awesome. XD


Theory: Gawain actually has quite a lot of money, since he doesn’t have to worry about medical bills or food. The problem is, every time he gets shot in the head, he’s likely to forget his pin number or the fact that his accounts exist. And because he has probably forgotten where his birth certificate is, his death certificate is useless, and they don’t issue driver’s IDs to dead people, he’s had to wait to get his employee identification (and subsequent villainous forged records to explain his existence) in order to start all over again. This explains his current worry over the money rather than the pain: he’s working on maintaining his account minimum right now, given all the cleaning supplies he just had to compensate the Garrotts for using to clean up the Mess that (ostensibly) he forced Arthur Sr. to create in the lobby.

I’ve just realized that Sedrick has been getting slimmer in the waist since his creation. Way to go, Sedrick! Whatever regimen you’re following is paying off in spades.

Happy Easter, Liliy! And that’s a perfect quote for the content of the comic.


Happy Easter, everyone! Now, let’s KILL THE WABBIT! :D

I love this comic. It makes me giggle almost every time it updates. :)


I love that Arthur’s so single minded that he doesn’t even notice the staff he’s sending are being told to steal off of his beloved brother.


With Sedrick, loyalty to the Garrott family means never passing up an opportunity to profit from their misadventures.


Sedrick is a horrible horrible perso- ahhhhh!! Sedrick! Whats with the knife and the baseball bat…. oh god no im to young to die :shocked: !!!!!!!AHHH-GUBLERETHIFD!!


Love the comic, never really posted any comments here before but seeing you talk about being ‘done’ with the nightmare on elm street movies…they are coming out with a new one soon ;)


Does Arthur just not care if people steal from Mordred as long as Mordred doesn’t get hurt? XD Sedrick is standing right there going “Oh, and while you’re at it, find this object that his precious Mordred is after and pluck it from his hands.” Arthur doesn’t seem to notice.

(… If Bliss is the candy, and they’re supposed to steal her, would that make Mordred the metaphorical baby? Wiglaf is the one who would prevent this heinous theft so presumably he’s still the hero. :D)


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