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And He’s Gotten There

Ha ha. Wiglaf might be jealous. Hard to tell. My characters like to do things without permission.

They write themselves. I swear. It’s almost creepy.

Oh, and you should go check out EEComics. :) I drew a guest strip for them you can check out. I have all sorts of love for Bob & Eddie. :wow:

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“Immortal” by Adema


Jealous? Wiglaf? Why would he be jealous? XD

Those two really should team up, if Lancelot would just accept the mad scientist routine. Mordred might be successful for once. XD


It would be interesting to see if Wiglaf’s jealousy would get in the way of his foiling their evil schemes XP


Well, his trying to break them up WOULD kind of ruin any evil schemes… since they would be working together.

Gotta love Wiglaf’s expression at the end though. Oh, and Lilly? ALL of my characters write themselves. It’s surprisingly normal for characters to go their own way. Even JK Rowling had that problem. XD


I think all great writers have problems controlling their characters, which means it will be a great story.
I have problems with my characters too. they want people to know them, but I try to tell them they can’t be seen because I can’t draw nor I can’t write. They don’t believe me, not anymore… sigh


Wiglaf is most definitely getting more devious… When he first came, he’d be delighted that Mordred had something that could remotely be referred to as a ‘friend’… But now? Lancy has to go.


Shall be amusing. :D


I suspect that Mordred is deliberately bringing up a possible partnership with Lancelot in an effort to make Wiglaf feel left out. I think he may be trying to get revenge for having his hair dyed pink by deliberately stoking Wiglaf’s jealousy. XD

Mordred and Lancelot could potentially be a good team, but first Mordred needs to find something Lancelot would actually enjoy doing. That won’t be easy since Lancelot seems to have his own priorities. Also, Lancelot looks disappointed he can’t tease Mordred about his fashion sense. XD


lol i love Wiglaf’s face in the last panel. poor Wiglaf always the jealous one, i think it should be Mordred’s turn to be jealous. :D


Ok, like Purenightshade, i love the shots of Mordred’s clothes as he poses, but are they significant to Wiglaf’s sudden jealousy decision of booting Lance out on his butt?

And my slash-loving soul is just LOVING the subtle tension too. XD


I’m so glad I’m not the only one! I still wonder if Liliy does it on purpose or not >.>

Also, I have just realised that I want Mordred’s boots <3


haha, i so agree, the boots are amazing and i would steal them off his feet if it t’were possible. =D
unfortunately, his feet are probably much larger than my (ridiculously) tiny girly feets, so maybe i’d just steal boots AND owner. just to see how Wiglaf would react. XD


I believe the only reason Wiglaf wants to kick out Lancelot is because Wiglaf doesn’t want to kill the only friend he has ever had just beacuse Morbed started to get things right for being evil.


I just read the whole archive this comic is great, this is proably going to be my only comment however since the frist color I say Mordread hair was pink once I got into the color strips I kept wondering what would happen, and gender confusion the strip should have cleared up any questions of Wiglaf’s sex as well, anyway keep up the god work and if you value me as reader thank your filler for NJ I think that covers everything I wanted to say


Heh. No worries about me checking out EEComics… I can’t remember how I found your comic, but I’m pretty sure it was from Emergency Exit.

Actually, I saw the filler before I came here. My first thought on just seeing your artwork there was: “Huh? Is this the first page of a crossover?”


I feel that Wiglaf is slightly obssessed…
Is it because he doesn’t want to lose his friend, or something more?
Don’t deny it!
He started to say Mordred as his crush!


I think the shots of moredred’s clothing are actually meant to show his body language. The first thing that struck me about the 3, 4 5th panels was the girlish body language. Perhaps without knowing it Mordred is using flirtatious body language when he is talking to Lancelot.
Poor Wiglaf. He has controll issues :P
Is Lancelot named as such because of his notorious history of getting in between a couple and causing havoc (ie Gwenevere and Aurther?) Is this indicative of his role in the comic ;]


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