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And It Begins

That dog, man. That dog. <3

Also, good chance there won’t be a comic Sunday. >.> This weekend is looking crazy busy.


Edit: Uh, feeling down. Weather bad & A comic will show up sometime before Tuesday.

I may have also bought Dark Souls. And I may have spent oh, way too many hours trying to beat one level. Did. Worth it.  o_o   *random twitching*

“How much is that dog in the window?” :D


LOL! I get the reference with havin’ Mordred name his dog Grendel! XD Nice!

And Wiglafs expression is priceless! XDDD
Driver react better than I thought she would I3


My first thought when I read Mordred’s last line was ‘Wait, does that mean thinks Wiglaf is cute?’ /shot (I don’t even know why my mind went that way.

But seriously, this is hilarious. I can see him pampering this thing so much.


Ha ha, perhaps Mordred had a Freudian slip and accidentally admitted that he thinks Wiglaf is cute. XD He sometimes unknowingly reveals his caring nature even though villains are not supposed to care or have friends. And that is indeed a cute little dog. ^_^


Heheh, he can’t take it back now!

… I really want Wiglaf and Grendel to get along, but… I’ve got a bad feeling…


this is Mordred were talking about, he would be apathetic and bored at Disney world, I give it 3 strips before Mordred starts ignoring and/or being annoyed at the Grendel.


Did not expect Mordred to be basing how ‘cute’ things are by the ‘Wiglaf scale’. Goes to show how the thinking went. ‘Oh doggy. Wait… it’s cuter then Wiglaf’!


At least he admits that Wiggy is cute. Even if he does it indirectly and in a slightly insulting manner. heehe


I have wondered this on and off, but are Mordred and Wiglaf (and a lot of the other characters for that matter) aware of their namesakes? Is there an in-universe reason for Grendel being named “Grendel”?


Was the losing of the eye just an excuse to not show the eyes of driver ever?


Omigod omigod omigod omigod omigod OMIGOD! So cuuuuute!! Love the sparkles!

“Cuter”? Hah! Mordred admits it! He thinks Wiglaf is cute! :3 There will be blooood…


As someone who got a puppy three weeks ago I know that face. Our puppy is a Boston Terrier named Lily who is about the same size of Grendel (minus the tail).


All I can think about is, does everyone in the Garrott family have something or someone they’re weak too? Like how Garrott Sr is nice around horses.


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