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And On Your Knees, Too

Sedrick’s hair is fluffy today. I kinda like it. Either way, the last panel is win.

You may have noticed Janus being mentioned yet again. She should be making her first appearance soon. Like in a week or two. Watch for it. ^^


Arthur has a disturbing brother complex.

Love the colors and alternating backgrounds, and can’t wait for Janus. She sounds like… fun. ^_^; Poor Mordred. XD


What could Janus be calling about? Did Arthur forget her birthday? Is she checking to see if he’s actually planning on outdoing her, or if he doesn’t feel like it right now (ouch… what an insult)? Hurrah for the sibling named after a two-faced god.

Hmm. So the fluffiness of Sedrick’s hair is directly proportional to his level of sadism. We’ll have to watch him closely.

Incidentally, Liliy, you have several regular readers who, for one reason or another, cannot comment. They asked me to let you know that they are very much enjoying the comic, think Security is a riot, and wonder what Mordred plans on doing with the sword.


i think this may be one of my favourite pages. arthur and sedrick’s dialogues are to die for! especially that last line regarding the groveling…


First comment–I’m loving this series! The characters are hilarious and the stories are very fun.

Hehehe Sedrick is such a kidder. He really enjoys catching people off guard with his stinging comments.

Hmmm…..Arthur’s famous brotherly love for his younger sibling Mordred doesn’t show up at all when he hears Janus’ name. No “brother senses” going out to Janus from Arthur? That must mean that this Janus is serious bad news.

I also love Arthur’s comment in the first panel. His words demonstrate that he’s quite accustomed to dealing with problems in a ruthless “supervillain” way. And the exasperated expression on his face is terrific.


You know, Janus is the ancient Greek go of descisions. Traditionally he had two faces, each of which argued for one or the other point of veiw. He liked to make travelers choose between two doors, one of which would take you to where you want to go, the other of which would lead to certain death. That may or may not be Janus’ namesake, but that’s who the original Janus is. That said, I like this Janus better than that one.


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