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And The Wind Blows

Oh Azrael. You have no idea what to do with yourself, do you? And I’m going to drag this out so long…at least another three strips before his big decision. Ha ha.


Oh, Webcomic Alliance gave the site a Brand-Aid. Fun read, glad to hear the input. But you’ll notice from my comment I’m of the stubborn sort….and most of his comments were about my Logo. Which…is plastered over everything and changing it might do more harm than good as it’s already established and recognized. So I think for now I’m sticking with what I’ve got *hugs it dearly*

Oh, but I did take his advice and update the ‘About’ page with a summary of WaM. So you guys can check that fun stuff out~

…and I’m keeping my grammatically incorrect Tag Line. *hugs Pay Off as a verbal phrase used incorrectly in the sentence*

I’m way too hyper right now. XD Really. Probably because I got all artsy with today’s WaM. Check out that middle panel would ya? (Yeah, that’s right. She came back to talk about today’s strip – boo yeah.) Work of art that. Work ‘o art.

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Heaven’s A Lie” by Lacuna Coil


He should be a teacher at a highschool. Public highschool.
And he could teach English, or french… he’s fluent in HOW many languages?
Besides someone needs to show those little shits whos boss sometimes. XP

Plus he could be the Fencing Coach!


You forget an important part: Grace would have him kill people regularly. If those people are students then enrollment would go way down, pretty fast. As long as he does have Grace there’s precious little he can do professionally.


1 Everyone has to wax poetic sometimes.
2 I have several teachers that have treatened to kill my classmates (with a red ink pen so the blood doesn’t show)
3 The other teachers would teach better and so the enrollment might go up, providing the enrollment number is higher than the “dropout” level x_x
4 Azzie is part of the reason we aren’t even more overpopulated right now. Az and Grace are part of global human population control. O_o
5 (Wow this is the longest comment I’ve ever left) Teenagers are smart enough to know when in trouble, some of them, and the stupid ones would be “lost” fairly fast. So, only the smart ones would be left, leaving the world a slightly smarter place. 0_0


Okay, having Azrael–with Grace–as a traveling High School teacher sounds better and better with each of your points. That said, I think most parents would yank their entire families into another city if they hear The Angel of Death joined their local high school faculty.


we can see who wears the pants in that relationship…

question, was it grace that did the… err… “snipping of the “cherries” so to speak?


I have to go with Grace on this one.

As for the “Brand-Aid”, I think he’s full of it. The logo is fine and well designed. It’s readable, stylistic and memorable.

And really, how hard is it to spell “Wiglaf” or “Mordred”? If I do a Google search, it pulls up a link to this site before I finish typing “Wiglaf”.

Anyone who’s heard the King Arthur legend has heard the name Mordred and Wiglaf is different enough that it’s fairly memorable.

As for the banners and other parts of the site design, I think it was well designed, flows well and fits with the feel of and origins of the characters and comic. The menu bar at the top is rather bland though.

Back to the comic – I am curious as to the new career path.


His comments weren’t totally off base for the logo, if I was just starting or hadn’t already established it I probably would have been more ready to take a few of his suggestions into consideration. I’m most hesitant because it IS established & has been so for over three years.

Heh. You’d be surprised what spellings I get for those two names show up in keyword searches. XD My fav so far is ‘wyglaf’ XD


I don’t know how important legibility is in a display font used in a logo; if you overweight making it legible you risk losing distinctiveness and the whole point of a logo as a marketing tool is to catch attention and enter memory. I also don’t know that changing it has any negatives beyond the possibility of making it worse instead of better; a lot of other webcomics update their banners, logos and such every couple years.
If it’s something you’d like my feedback on I’ll make time to check your banners today, else maybe tomorrow if I’m not too busy.


Thanks for the offer. :) I think at this point if I make any chances it’ll be small things like slightly increasing the outline or adjusting the position of the sword int he BG.


On the main site banner? I wouldn’t change that until you have an inspiration to do something as interesting to replace it. Since it’s a graphical header I wouldn’t worry much about font readability either.

So I took a look at your logos and decided that I dislike the really-wide 468×60 dimensions for a banner. The design you made for that one looks like you were grasping for things to fill all that width, and that you may be better off making a narrower one with less unnecessary content. The horizontal balance could use work but eh… I’d say it needs a total redesign instead of twiddling the element sizes and arrangement.


Ha, yeah. The banner sizes were mostly for advertising purposes. They have strict standards for sizes so you have to adjust for their widths/heights etc. The skyscraper banners turned out better in general I think. But they’re not posted anywhere on the site. XD I really should considering I use them more often.


Quick note on your new summary on the “About” page.

In this sentence: “…are also just a few of the fun people they run into – just to name a few.”

You use both “few” and “just” twice. It’s rather redundant, and sounds odd. You might want to change that. Otherwise I absolutely loved it! It’ll really help the next time I spaz over a comic and demand one of my friends read it. They might be slightly less confused with such a nice summary then one of my fangirl-ish ramblings.

Now that we can see what Grace is actually doing, Azrael almost looks more crazy… ’cause he really is talking to himself and not Grace half the time. :D


Yeah…fixing that now. XD *is notorious for repeating words in a sentence/phrase*


Hmm… okay, parsing text of About page. In form of original, what I would replace it with, separated by an arrow:

“-And that’s just the tip of the ice berg.” –> “But that’s only the tip of the iceberg.”
“imprisoned CEO’s” –> “imprisoned CEOs”
“Mordred, I should hope is a tad more obvious where his inspiration came from. If not, than I’ll tell you – He’s based on ‘Mordred’ from the Authur” –> “Mordred’s source is less obscure: He’s based on Mordred from the Arthurian”

I went out on a limb and substantially altered that part introducing Mordred’s origin because I’ve had it drilled into my head that you should never try to make your reader feel stupid for not knowing something. I’m uncertain how to edit the list paragraph and the paragraph-plus-fragment about Security but they could use some revision too. I didn’t write a replacement because it’s supposed to be your writing instead of mine and it looks like a first or second draft by someone capable of fixing it without my help.


Ha ha. That’s because it was a first draft I wrote and had next to no intention of ever looking at again. XD For both parts. *goes off to look at it a second time*


Thank you, thank you… I’d say I do parties but if you have an editor analyzing the properties of text during it I’m pretty sure that’s not a party.


Azrael is such a total girly-man, I might suggest he consider becoming a florist who sells Lancelot’s product. I mean… you need a good sword to do that, right?


Um, I imagine Lances flowers are pretty Deadly. The job would probably entail lots of chopping and defending from killer tigerlilies.


Nice job on the artwork in panel 2 showing young Azrael being figuratively carried by the winds of time with his rapier.


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