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And We’re Back To That

Got family visiting this week, so no time to shade or highlight today. Hopefully that’s not too much of a let down.

And once again Wiglaf steals the show. How’s he doing that? XD

Corrected Swedish translation by Nirlem/Johnny Johansson. Thank-you!


He does get top billing. XD

Good job with the thought text; it works well. And this definitely would’ve lacked something without it. The lack of shading/highlighting isn’t bad.

And Arthur and Janus both seem to have disturbing sibling complexes. *_*; It’s no wonder Mordred’s trying to stay away from all that.


I like Wiglaf’s thought bubbles. He’s getting firsthand experience with the bizarre family dynamics of the Garrott household.

Wiglaf naturally steals the show all the time because he always has some wry, bemused observation to share about everything that’s happening.


I love this comic.
I recently found it by accident, and I just worked my way through the archives. :)

Sorta wondering about the thought bubble in the last panel though.
“Å du världen” doesn’t make much sense. (Lit. translation = “Oh you the world”, so that’s kinda confusing. ^^
Still adding this comic to my favorites, though. :D)


Yes, sadly I haven’t had a chance to correct all the Swedish. I think all of it is wrong, sadly. Ah well. From here on out it should be right. XD


He’s being sarcastic. When Mordred made the promotion comment Wiglaf was be sarcastic about Mordred taking over the world.


unless im mistranslating wiglaf thoughts on the final planel is “Nah pulling me backwards’


That’s the google translate answer, indeed. I’m pretty sure it’s an idiom because according to my translator of the time it roughly means “You’ve got to be kidding me” in a doubtful tone.


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