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Friday. Next Volume Starts. And I get to introduce the next artifact and owner set. But first – Friday. And a total cop-out so I can get my plot moving where I want it to go. XD

<3 Me.

Heh. That two hours of sleep I got is catchin’ up to me. That’s what I get for staying up to watch the Eclipse on the Winter Solstice. XD

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Strike it Up” by Black Box


Good on ya mate! Its about time you stood up for yourself for once. Not some stupid sword, and certainly not some hot… hot… hot… uhhh.. what was I trying to say?

Oh… right azzie… good luck!


…and here I thought Azrael and I would never have anything in common: museum curator is the job I plan to do in my retirement.

Grace is going to go nuts when Azrael (acting as docent) has to guide groups of K-Grad students chomping gum around the museum.


‘Scuze me for a moment while I picture his expression…


*snicker* Okay, okay; I’m done. Hee hee. I’d feel sorry for the kids, if I didn’t work retail in a videogame store and have to pry their damn gum of the thrice-cursed floor!


As a museum curator, Azrael can indulge both sides of his disposition: first, the cultured patron-of-the-arts side, by arranging fine exhibits; and second, the bloodthirsty psycho side, by slaughtering would-be museum robbers. Both opposite poles of his personality will thus be satisfied.

I guess the Valkyries will now have to channel their clients and their financial resources toward supporting Azrael’s last-minute dream career.


Azreal is LIKE A BOSS.

… *Cough*


And I can’t wait until some south American rebels find a ancient treasure and Azzie finds out about it. Epic treasure hunter story arc!


Azreal as a museum curator is like what’s-his-name as a ship’s cook. Definitely full of kick-ass. =^-^=


Long John Silver?


that could be any fiction… you got to be a bit more specific … for example: there is a manga/anime called “One Piece” that is about a pirate crew. The cook is master chief is also a bad ass master swordsman.

Here we have a bad ass supernatural swordsman that seems to also be a professor in fine arts/sculptures.


Museum curator would be fun to watch. And wasn’t the eclipse beautiful? A little cold where I am but it still turned a startling shade of red. :$


I wish I could have gotten to see it, but mother nature never wants me to see any of her natural phenomenons, because once again(just like with the meteor shower) it clouded over.


I was reading back and I realized I forgot how ‘Rawr!’ Azrael got about the art Generic had stolen. This is great.

Please don’t get fired for ‘talking to yourself’. That would be too sad.


You GO Azzie!!!!! Show those gals who’s BOSS!!

hm… and he’d probably be able to carry Grace around if he got a job at the right place. He IS a priceless artifact (albeit a magical one).


I’ve been a lurker for over a year now, having never posted a comment. But after reading this strip, I just had to say something:


I am ridiculously happy to see that he’s not letting the Valkyrie Sisters push him around. Even if he winds up failing miserably at being a museum curator (and I think he’d make a rather brilliant one actually), it won’t be because he gave up trying.

I love Azzie and Grace. So very much.


Well… since no Museum would EVER hire him (and assuming assassinating the prior curator doesn’t get you a job in this world), I have a prediction.

He’s going to set up his own Museum funded by ‘generous donations’ in Generic’s name from the ‘Please Stop Stabbing Me’ Foundation.


Comic = win. I wonder if we’ll ever get to see Generic visit whatever museum Azrael goes to work at…

Sadly, I missed the Solstice eclipse. I am still heartbroken about that-my alarm has been shoved off my desk too many times, and as a result, it never went off, even though I had everything set up! :worry:

*sigh* I guess I’ll just have to settle for next year’s lunar eclipse. Just not as special, seeing how the next Winter Solstice one is in 2090! :X

Merry Christmas (two days early) everyone!


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