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Angel of Death

A little peak at Azrael’s backstory. ^_^

And a lot of fanservice.

Between naked Azrael shackled to a bed, Shota!Azrael (If you don’t know what Shota is- consider yourself better than the rest of us. Darn you Creid!!! You and your stupid Negima! *_*), and Sváfa jumping up, I’m not sure what to think of what I just drew. XD Other than the fact I really like how today’s strip came out.

Long live fanservice. *salutes*


(Love you Little Brother :D)


You’ve managed to hit everything in this one. XD And the title characters aren’t even in it; I fear what would’ve happened had they appeared. *thinks of missing arc*

I’m really surprised he hasn’t been violated yet… by the Valkyries or someone else. XD And poor Svafa. The Valkyries must put up with a lot. ^_^;


w00t! That’s awesomeness! Lol, that little snarl thing in the corner of the last panel was somehow very epic.^^

Almost to the 90th strip! Looking forward to it.^^


Aha! So there’s a rational reason for his having the name Azrael! I swear, I’ve seen people who named a character Azrael just because it sounded cool and they didn’t even know about its significance.


yes, yes! Long Live Fanservice! though i am quite curious as to why Azrael’s bed and pillow are pink….*shudders* ew


At first I was completely puzzled as to why he thought he’d be “violated,” and whether that actually meant something other than what immediately came to mind. Then I remembered Geoffry.


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