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Another Power You Didn’t Use

Okay, trying to wrap this arc up. XD Denial’s over and I’ve come to realize most of you are bored with this one and it’s probably gone on too long. So Sunday should wrap it up and then we’ll move onto more fun things with Arthur, Sedrick & Wiglaf’s family. :D

Alright! Announcement time!

Katrina from Apocalypse Writers is trying to get some support for the Comic book shop Hurley’s Heroes & local authorities with aid to Joplin, Missouri after it suffered severe tornado damage. She’s got more information about it on her webcomic & some links to more information to how you can help!

JOPLIN AID! & More Info at CBR

Thanks for checking it out and lending a hand to fellows in need!

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Brother Louie” by Stories


Alternate line for Camlann, “I’ll get you next time, Gadget! Next Tiiime!” :P


How about ‘I’d have gotten away with it if weren’t for you meddling kids, and your orb too.’ (since they don’t have a dog, yet and to him, they would be kids)


Or Megatron: “I shall be avenged, Autobots! I shall REEEETUUUURRRN!!!”

In contrast, have you noticed that Darth Vader’s usual response to a defeat is a long, stony silence?


Wow :wow: Did Wiglaf launch him into space or did that crazy sword Camlann do it to himself? And man are Grace & Eclat(I think the shakey guy was callin’ him that on page 509) mad at Bliss.


Um. What just happened.

I’m completely lost here.


Bliss stopped paying attention to Camlann, so he took the opportunity to blast into space to plot and wait to get his revenge when they least expect it.

The last panel is an overhead shot of the crater he left after blasting off. The little white things are our cast members, just to put things into perspective.


I await each new comic with great anticipation. I never know where you’ll take us next on this wonderful ride called WAM and never find it boring. The art work alone is worth any wait. Thank you! :$


I’m not bored, if that counts for anything! XD
I’ve enjoyed seeing all these crazy magical objects finally interacting with each other :P


I could almost see the dent… I could almost SEE the dent…

Why Eclat do you make me love you. :P


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