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Another To Boss’ List

We’re about to see someone we haven’t seen in a WaM strip in literal years! You can thank my Dad for the appearance of said character because it was his suggestion. :P Hope you guys like it!! I’m excited for what’s coming (because for once I’ve got some story ideas ahead of time!)


Im thinking:(in order of probablity

1. One of the twins

2. Mr. Garret

3. Wiglafs Bio-dad


Solid bet on Arthur Garret Senior.


Agree! I think it’s Mordred’s dad.


Upper body looks feminine, but with these guys who knows. Maybe the sister (wiglaf’s)? Or Mordred’s mom, maybe. Or of the twins… Arthur jr is one of the most feminine guys in this, though that may just be from comparing him and his sister. Speaking of his sister, maybe it’s the sister’s friend, the one who married the weepy subbordinate? Or the doctor woman, or the zombie’s partner… So many women who haven’t been around in awhile. So many feminine men, too…


I think it’s either Arthur Garret Senior or One of the twins, Security is probably flying the helicopter.


Well he is security… I suppose he should keep the helicopter secure.

Or maybe it is security aboht to kick some immortal ass


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