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Any Time Now, Fellas

I know you boys like to chat, but you have doom rising up through the ashes to attack you.

Might want to get on that.

(And Azrael would refuse a piggyback ride on principal alone.)


How about cutting off that hand. Or is that against the rules of a fair fight. Damn heroes. Wiflaf! He killed that mountain. Be more … bloodthirsty? … antagonizing? …


Well, Wiglaf could just do that thing where he puts an arm around Azrael’s back, you know, you wrap your arm around their back and wind it under the arm and support them that way. THEN, he can just hold Azrael in a more manly fashion and they can get away.

I wonder what sort of threat will be enough that even Azrael will abandon all pride and say “Screw this get me out of here.” This would normally be big enough for anyone but Azzie’s still here.


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