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Apathy Hit Hard

Sorry guys, I was having a low Thursday.

But i’ve got a good idea of what I want for the next strip. Hopefully I keep it interesting.

In the meantime: Happy Friday the 13th! :D

Edit: There will be a strip Sunday. Just super late. So Check on Monday. Thanks! XD


I’m with Mordred, who is that and what did they do with Wiglaf? I mean, hero-by isn’t saving people, even aliens, your job?
Man, Mordred’s a bad influence on you.
I’m mostly amused how they’re basically doing what the other usually does. Mordred’s worrying and Wiglaf’s not.

Or maybe the alien had something to do with it and cause a personality swap? Hmmm…


Maybe he’s worried about confronting his dad again, because the first time went so well, and so he’s pulling a Mordred to keep his sanity.


That is an interesting theory, I was thinking maybe Malachi did something to that effect.


That’s not Malachi’s power though. He can possess Vilhelm but I don’t think he can possess/affect other people.


Sorry, I should’ve elaborated. I meant maybe Malachi casted a spell that causes people to act contrary to their inherent nature.


maybe i buy in too much in the whole perfect shtick he claims to have going on, but i’m betting he knows his dads cult is out of his league, noticed how security saved every one last time and is banking on him doing it this time.


Driver’s eye got EATEN last time Wigalf tried to stop this cult. And Wiglaf’s got Mordred, the brother in law, the nephew, and the brother in law’s side kick along for the ride this time. And Maybe Fushia can kick major butt and Wiglaf’s just waiting for a tag in.


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