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Apples Won’t Save You, Either

Mordred is such a jerk. But that’s why we all love him. Though I think Wiglaf is about to break his neck. He didn’t appreciate all the fangirls pawing at him and demanding things he wasn’t going to do. THey had to settle for hugs. Heh.

Though we had a fun sketch session on Ustream, Monday where we had a mirrorverse introduced. XD You can see it here if you want.

Edit: Fixed the typo. And Here’s the link to the second Ustream. XD

Song Listening Recommendation:

“When You Believe” Michelle Pfeiffer & Sally Dworsky


Aw, missed it.

Heh, I want a hug from Wiglaf too. D= Probably wouldn’t pay for it though, sense I’m not a fangirl. xD

Don’t cause Mordred to loose all the money you went through all that trouble to earn, Wiglaf! :happy: Even though he does kinda deserve anything that you’ll probably do to get revenge…xD


To be fair, any money lost in the air would probably be more than made up for by any fans still watching showering money at the sight of a shirtless Wiglaf jumping Mordred.

(what a horribly awkward sentence that just was. :meh: )


@Lyrics: YAY more Prince of Egypt. I just watched that this weekend. XD

I’d totally want a hug from Wiglaf. Might even pay for it too. If I got to pester Mordred while I was at it. XD


just a nit pick, but it should be “your physical” not “you’re physical”

Your = something that belongs to you (your house, your physical, your exam, your work, your hobby)
You’re = You are (ex: You’re a jerk = you are a jerk)


I’ll fix it after work. >.> But you could have just pointed out the typo. Adding an extra ‘e’ on accident because I was typing quickly and didn’t notice it was there doesn’t mean I’m not aware of the difference between ‘your’ and ‘you’re.’ Didn’t have to mean about it… *sniffle*


Liliy, you’re obviously too busy being awesome to bother with meager things such as SPELLING! You update WaM 3 times a week! Tiny spelling errors are not part of the big picture here.
Keep being awesome (;


Ha ha, that was the straw that broke the camel’s back, Mordred. You finally got Wiglaf mad at you in a dangerous way. XD Wiglaf may not be brutal enough to actually break Mordred’s neck, but I can definitely see him wringing Mordred’s neck for a while. XD

It’s very funny that Wiglaf maintained his good behavior by only giving out hugs. XD I like how you drew Mordred happily counting the money, and Hagen making the crack about Hnaef’s physical.


Aww, poor Wiglaf. Sometimes you really have to question why he puts up with Mordred. :)

And all the best doctors aren’t licensed. ;)


*sneaking onto the ‘Net at work due to not having internet at home…..*

*checks W&M update…..*

*almost falls out of cubicle laughing* xDD

That makes this the cherry on top of an already great day sundae. ^_^


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