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Are we sure that’s not Mordred’s?

If you’re curious – Wiglaf’s speaking Swedish in the last panel.

As far as what it means – hint: Mordred says it a lot. :D

Corrected Swedish translation by Watch & Nirlem/Johnny Johansson. Thank-you!


Oh my. Do I see a recursive element forming here? “Mordred hatat Wiglaf hatat Sword”? Now, is the level of Mordred’s a function of the level of Wiglaf’s? There’s an interesting question. Perhaps it’s an inverse relationship.

(I’ll get that stuff you need to you tomorrow, BTW)


‘Jag hata du’ would be translated into ‘I to hate you’. The “correct” way to say “I hate you” would be ‘Jag hatar dig’.


Ha ha. Camlann’s first appearance is great. It’s very funny seeing what an obnoxious magic sword he is. Inanimate objects that have their own personalities tend to become all smart-alecky, I notice. :happy:

“Why do magic swords always talk?” Ha ha, great line!


Sweden FTW! This is preeeetty good, i like it, and also….
Sweden FTW! this is also the first comic with Swedish in it :shocked: , i like it!


No, Wiglaf, don’t take the sword! It’ll bite you in the butt later! And shock you! And drown you! And worse of all…..


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