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Arthur Could Play The Bad Guy

Arthur is possibly starting a midlife crisis while still in his twenties.


…I think he was older than me when this comic started and now I’m way older than him. Lol. That is sort of fun. I age, but the characters don’t really. The time passes differently. o-o Fun things to think about.


Edit: My wrist is killing me. I haven’t been very good about doing wrist stretches and when you add in that I’ve been writing a lot more by hand (I freaking love my ReMarkable 2 btw–I use that thing every single day). End point: It hurts. I’m going to wear my wrist brace to bed because that usually helps. I’m going to remember to do stretches this week. Thank you!!! I’ll see you on Wednesday. :D

Edit 2 (4/14/21): I am so sorry. o-o; I was going to start drawing at 9:30 after I finished something else up, and then I lost track of time getting distracted and now it’s 10:44 p.m. and I don’t have time to draw WaM. I had a sketch I could use from earlier, but it’s still not enough time to color/do dialogue/etc before midnight with something else I have to get done tonight. That is entirely on me & I’m sorry!

But in good news, the brace worked and my wrist doesn’t hurt anymore. So that’s a win. I guess we’ll just consider this another day of healing. >.>; Yeah. That sounds good. I’ll see you guys on Friday!

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