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Arthur Finally Did It

It’s an hour late but I did it. o-o

Still not feeling a hundred percent, but I feel better than I did this past weekend.

See you guys on Friday~

Edit: Hello it is Friday. The week started bad. Was long in between (it is a miracle Wednesday’s strip got done–one I am proud of, but still a miracle) and ended long. I…I’m gonna read. Crash. And hope Sunday is better. Plus I need to figure out what this story arc is about because I just thought of the joke for this strip and then went blank. Lol.


Arthur finally commits crimes, and Mordred is now ashamed to know him. (The same Mordred who….ALSO used to want to commit crimes…pretty much every other week.)

Who is supposed to be ashamed of the other, again? :P


Mordred is ashamed that it’s such a tiny crime. Arthur is supposed to be better than that, gosh darn it!


worse than that.
Evil is supposed to be Bad therefore more evil is more bad which is therefore worse,

English is a horrible yet wonderful language.

Little words that sound melodic yet have an icky meaning and in counter there are innocuous words that just make you go ick when spoken out.

Diarrhea voted prettiest word by non-English speakers
Moist – [shoulder-shrug+wince-face]

[this has been you daily dose of evil - enjoy]


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