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Arthur Heard That

We lost internet at work yesterday and today. You’d think that was fun and meant we could go home, but it just meant we had to work from home again. Lol. Which was actually kinda nice. Wish me luck because we have to make up all the work we missed tomorrow and Friday. >.>;


Enjoy Madame Garrott!

Edit: Thursday was nuts and while Friday was better, I’m still tired. My eyes are heavy and I have a feeling I’m passing out soon. Gonna relax and go to bed early. Hopefully I can get up early and write on Saturday morning. :3 See you on Sunday!


Denial, the most powerful tool in a parent’s arsenal, and the one nobody but the parent/s in question is happy about being employed (the parent/s in question are in denial about utilising denial, or else they wouldn’t be in denial).


I’m betting Wiglaf (if he ever hears of this) would be rather unimpressed by a new “hero” showing up as Arthur.


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