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Arthur Is Taking This Well

I just realized that Sedrick and Arthur are basically Wiglaf and Mordred ten years down the line.

I’m a genius setting all that up without noticing. *laughs behind her hand*

I mean. I totally planned it from the start and it was completely intentional. *cough*

None of that matters.

Happy Birthday Jay! :D

You’re an awesome friend, roomie & editor. :3 *thumbs up* I plan to abuse you for years to come.

I’m still listening to PonPonPon on loop. I can’t even think of another song to quote. XD


Which would be Wiglaf and which would be Mordred then? XD

And Arthur is so smug.


Wiglaf= Arthur Mordred=Sedrick
I would have never noticed they were pretty much alike!


That’s what I thought, it was just that Sedrick is a bit more, homicidal than Mordred. Then again, who knows what Mordred would be like after being stuck with Wiglaf for a few more years.


That smug little grin, he knows Sedric can’t attack him so he’s just gonig to keep talking.

God I love that little smile


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