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Arthur Isn’t Sure

Hey, guys! I’m feeling better than I did on Friday but I’m still kinda out of it. Heh.

Thanks for sticking around! Let’s hope this week goes better. :D

Edit: My body lied to me. I felt better and now I feel like garbage. It’s freezing outside, my family is sick and so am I. Ug. I really hope I’m well enough to go to work tomorrow (a coworker went home sick today). As soon as I finish this one thing I’m working on, I’m going to bed. Arthur’s grand reveal is going to have to wait until I aren’t sick any more. I’m sorry about that. I really hope I see you Friday but I’m gonna’ pass out soon. Thanks! And stay well if you can. Being sick in this weather is no fun.


Lilly must be really under the weather when she makes a 4koma.

At least it isn’t a dead Lilly sketch ^_^

Weekend is supposed to warm up from the -WTFCOLD temperatures so have a better weekend all.


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