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Arthur Tries Again

And this time it works. ;D

Fun times.

*pats Sedrick*

Edit: There will be no WaM on Friday (today)! One part I have to wake up early Saturday. One Part tired & feeling lazy. And One Part “I have no idea what to do for the next strip ahhhhh.” So three parts of  ”Thank you for your patience and I’ll see you Sunday.” XD


Any chance of seein’ Sedrick in a traditional butlers outfit? Like really old school?
I can see Janice doin’ that to Sedrick as revenge for puttin’ her in a princess dress.


Sedrick would look amazing in an old school butler’s outfit. o_o


No doubt. Though would he use a claymore or katana with such an outfit? You can’t just use any weapon with a classic look. Though considerin’ it’s Sedrick, mayhaps a ring with a hidden weapon would be more to his style?


Garrote wire for sure. ;D


A strangling weapon does make sense for him. Though, correct me if I’m wrong, but was that a pun? Garrott = Garrote?
I’m not sure if they sound the same, but seein’ how close they are spelled, would Sedrick call it his Arthur Garrote? Him havin’ the wire made of a dragon hide & metal composite weave wouldn’t surprise me either. heh


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