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At Least Brynhildr Will Be Happy

*sleeps in a corner*

Curling is awesome.



Oh Ben, you’re so cute when you’re excited. XD

I think Azzie just needs to face facts – this was never going to be a beer-and-football type guys night. You just don’t know any manly men. Adding women will do nothing. XD


Actually, considering the women who will be added, it might move closer to the “manly men” guys’ night.


Is Ben being assertive… and not shaking? Wow, one can only imagine what he’d be like if he had a broom for an artifact instead of a sword.


Aw, c’mon, guys…he’s finally happy! He’s such a nervous wreck normally, can’t you just be happy for him?


Azrael…you were more interesting when you were a hardened killer… now reduced to taking g suggestions from a shaking chihuahua ….seriously, if Will was any more excited they’d need to Zambini the ice to get rid of the yellow stain.


1) Who is Will? The only character that get’s called anything close to Will is Vilhelm(‘Willy’)

2) Ben isn’t shaking with joy, it’s an involuntary thing, like Parkinson’s(but not that one). The shaking was brought up earlier it’s not a nervous or excited thing, just a Ben thing.


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