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At Least He Didn’t Lie

Ha ha. This is a call back to this story arc. I’m sure a few of you remember. :lol:

Anyway, I think I like how Driver turned out the most even though she didn’t have any lines. You wouldn’t think her the clingy type. :D

Though, if I had really planned this out I would have remembered that today is Christmas Eve and that Tomorrow is Christmas and done something special. But alas, I am that scatterbrained. Heh.

Merry Christmas Everyone!


Oh-kay. I LOVE that you made it true. I mean, I think everyone else was just going with it, other than maybe their dad, but still. I mean, Janus said it like she was just going along with it, but to think he actually used to WORK for them is just hilarious.

And I KNEW he was going to have his scarf around somewhere, I KNEW it. XP


Wait, but why’d he call him Mr. Gee then? Funny strip, but that, and the fact that he has some random blonde with him, confuses me so.


Mr. Gee must be the name he gave out when asked. :gasp:


Ah, nice use of continuity for inside jokes. ^_^ Now it all starts to come together…

Wiglaf’s expression in panel 3 looks good when he spots Mordred’s dad. And I agree, Driver turned out well even with no lines. It’s true that we don’t usually expect this kind of behavior from Driver, but she can get away with it because we all know by now that she’s a tough individual. So she has the right to be affectionate if she wants to be. :D


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