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At Least He’s Home

I’ll explain what occurred in the next comic. All you need to know is it has to do with Jade’s power. XD Which you’ve probably guessed by now.

Hey look! I told you they had tea together. XD


No WAM Friday!! I’ve got some obligations this week, and instead of stressing myself out trying to make up a missed strip, I’m just going to skip the update. It’s better for my health. XD Thanks for understanding! And WaM’ll be back Sunday. :3

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Power of Love” by Huey Lewis and the News


What are the chances that the pink teapot survived?


fairly low unless that teapot is made of plastic or if they have really really soft carpet/flooring

what i want to know is what is on the teapot somehow i see a waist up portrait of a white haired person on that teapot but then again it could just be a flower.


okay… so now Mordred and crew are stuck in an evil villain’s lair, likely crawling with magic artifacts. with Wiglaf out of commission, their are assets: an old rival with a magic sword, an incredibly nervous protege of old rival with magic sword, a new rival with a magic sword, an orb that cancels out magic a driver with decent combat skills, and mad scientist probably armed with absurdly dangerous plants. boy this would be a good time for Camlann to break out, or be discovered.


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