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At Least It’s Not An Iceberg

Heh. I’m too mean to them. But you know what? That’s the fun of it.

And no, Wiglaf is not breaking the fourth wall. He’s confused. For real. As he should be. *evil laughter*

Hmm. Not sure what else to say. Other than I tried to draw a real place based on a picture. It’sa ┬ábit surreal, but it works. XD

(And thanks to everyone who came to watch the Ustream! Including Aja & the Tamuran crew! )

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner” by Iron Maiden


We would come to expect by now that Wiglaf could perhaps bend reality, wouldn’t we? XD

Nice design work on the rocky texture. It looks nifty.


“I thought reality bending was a power of yours?” I just love Mordred’s expression when he says that.

Their clothes are all ripped up. =D

And I see Mordred is really attatched to that scarf…he had that thing in a death grip, dang.


Hmm…. maybe Wiglaf IS somehow related to Security. That would explain the warp to space he just pulled. Unless! Was Security also on that iceberg? Hmph! He should have been wearing his armband! :D

Great job on panel 4: it really does look like a real place, and the background rocks don’t really interfere with the sense of scale at all. And hurrah for perfect hero striking on panel seven; not only can Wiglaf speak the languages, but he even supposed the correct dialect on the first try.


Obviously when Wiglaf’s reality-bending powers came into contact with the polar bear’s reality-bending powers it reversed the polarity of Mordred’s scarf which sent a out a shockwave distorting the space-time continuum and disrupting the network of natural geomantic ley lines that just happened to converge on the sea floor underneath the specific position of the iceberg at that moment…

…or something.

Thanks for streaming! It was fun to watch. :)


I was going to put out something suitably zany about a time traveling Wiglaf becoming security, but everyone else already has security theories so i’m no longer funny and original :*(


You know, that seems possible, actually.
I mean, really, what’s stopping Security from actually being an older Wiglaf, who, after mastering his magical dimension/location warping skills, also managed to perfect time travel? …backwards? He’s possibly still working on traveling forwards again. Or maybe he DOES know how to travel forwards, and that would also explain why Security disappears for long, indefinite amounts of time and would suddenly re-appear again…


“How the hell did we get to Peru?!”

God, that line made me laugh so hard. Probably because so much stuff happens to them and he’s never shown a hint of suprise or incredulity (big word :happy:) before.

Which is why Mordred’s comment made me laugh even harder.


XD I find wiglaf’s reaction, the most amusing reaction so far.

It his hilarious, wonderous, and just plain stupendous.


YES! I found the back of Wiglaf’s head! *does a little dance*

Don’t mind me, but it is really insanely hard to find a reference picture for the back of his hair.


Aw Mordred’s never gonna let go of his “secruity blanket”….
OH! That must have alerted Security to their location! Mordred’s scarf acts as a beacon that when Mordred takes it off and holds it like that Security is to immediately come to his rescue! I’ve cracked the puzzle! XDD


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