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At Least One Problem Was Solved

Hee hee. Poor Camlann. Sheathes are his number one enemy. And he was behaving for once too. XD

Not much is new for me. Watchin’ a new anime called ‘Ghost Hunt’ but it’s so-so. (It’s kinda’ like Tactics, but with more technical stuff going on…and more female characters…). Um. Yeah.

Anyways. This Volume is almost over. I’d say Arc but the next Volume will happen immediately after this one – so for once there’s no time jump in between. XD So it’s more like one arc spread out over two volumes…thing. Look forward to part 2 coming soon is what I mean to say.

And on a random note – I kinda really sort’a want WaM to be at least bilingual. Anyone feel like translating it for free!? :D Just throwin’ it out there. ‘Cause I can’t afford to pay anyone to do it and I’m not good enough to translate it into anything. Or have the time. XD

Song Listening Recommendation:

“My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion
(I have listened to this song WAY too much over the past few days… XD)


I can try to work on it in French… I probably won’t get far, though. XD
Oh, Arthur, you and your brother complex…


I can do it in French if you don’t want to. Or I could help you with it. It’s my second language, but I’m pretty good at it.


Lol Arthur’s reaction to Mordred’s hair dye <3

I'd translate it to Chinese for you, but I can't type Chinese on my computer :X


I love Arthur. I love Arthur fussing over Mordred. That is the single thing that first drew me to the comic.

on a side note, the anime series Night Head Genesis is rather interesting.


WHEW! Just completed my first (of many to come) read through, and I must say WOW. -applause- Can’t think of a single un-awesome thing to say about WAM. Every single comic is pure fantastic. And how dare you be the first webcomic (of the 7 i am up to now) to yank me out of my introverted self and FORCE me to post comments. I just couldn’t resist posting comments on my way up here,too. I followed a link here from b/c of the character’s names, your art style was so different from what I’ve seen before, and the fact that every comic was amazing kept me reading more. I have lost so much sleep with WAM it is not funny, I even overslept and was late to work today! The laughs are so worth it though. WAM shall be the first comic I check (i’m on every day). I’ll try to do the reader survey soon, and I can’t imagine not posting in the future. Whoah, long comment! Love your name Liliy, love the comic, love you, love everyone here and everything. Oh, and I keep Pin-up IV open in another tab all the time now. :love: :ohhyeahh: OH. MY. GOODNESS. I hope my wife doesn’t see. Love you and see you again!


Glad you enjoyed yourself & thanks for all the fun comments~

And no getting in trouble with the wife. :P


Shouldn’t be a problem with my wife, I a GOOD boy, and she loves me muches. Just finished the reader survey, and I have one complaint. Your “Rate WAM” scale of 1-10 doesn’t go to eleven. It’s no use even making 10 infinite awesome, it should still go to eleven. Man, now I wanna see This is Spinal Tap again for some reason. :lol:


Hagen’s motives are good, but I have a feeling that Sedrick will probably just be annoyed at having a loudmouth talking sword instead of an object that can nullify magic. Gawain and Hagen had better pray that Sedrick can be appeased. ^_^

I’m getting a kick out of Arthur’s enthusiasm for Mordred’s dye job. Hilarious! XD


Sedrick appeased? Without Azrael’s head? I seriously doubt it. Most likely the sword will be just enough to cover their failure to even keep Mordred under surveillance. I hope for their sake Sedrick is done venting about Azrael by the time they get back. Oh, and considering what happened the last time Camlann was in Garrott Manor, it’d probably be better for everyone if Gawain & Hagen took the boat back and chucked old loudmouth Camlann into the Atlantic. :lol2:


I don’t know how fast I could do it, but Dutch is my first language and as such I could easily translate it in that.

Maybe you could pay with add space or something? :3


I’d offer translating into Swedish, but that would just turn hilarious and silly whenever Wiglaf falls back on his native tongue. :lol2:


He’d just have to start spouting things in English. XD

…he needs to use Swedish more often. Curse needing to know that dialogue in advance so it can be translated. XD


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