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At Least Pretend, Wiglaf

So, I forgot it was Halloween when I started drawing and went “drat” and then continued with what I was doing.

So there you go.


Happy Halloween Everyone!

Song Listening Recommendation:

“This is Halloween” from The Nightmare Before Christmas


This has ta be the work of Bliss somehow. -.-
And Wiglaf is right, there is no safe answer.

I wonder if Driver keeps a list or file on all the bad things that happen when she gets these bad feelin’s?


Happy Halloween (yes I made my first comment just to say that) okay not really. Ah well I couldn’t say no to that cute widdle face (I really like cats and dogs, and really any sort of tame furry animals) I’m fairly certain Wiglaf could


Happy Halloween! I love Wiglaf struggling to deal with Mordred’s dog and Driver continuing to regret Mordred’s weakness for strays. XD


Once more I say. Mordred seems to really want the approval of Wiglaf. Which Wiglaf does not want to give. Driver is feeling the battle that is about to start of Mordred trying to force Wiglaf to love the dog. I do believe now is the time to run.
Course I could be totally off…


As everyone knows, Halloween was pushed back to Monday because of the storm. :3 could always use that as an excuse (even if you’re not northeast.)

Love Grendel, he’s pretty cute.


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