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At Least She’s Happy

Mordred’s virtue is constantly in danger it seems. *whistle*

Just curious, but does anyone actually like her? XD Brat’s probably my least favorite of the cast. I think she’s clingy and annoying…but that’s me.

What do you guys think?


I figured clingy and annoying was what you were going for, as a real person unlikable sure but has such comedic potential in the comic world.


She is ok I don’t find her that annoying, and plus she gives Driver competition and that’s always fun to see them fight each other over Mordred


Poor Wiglaf and Mordred–they both have to deal with exasperating stalkers. With Brat pursuing Mordred and Wiglaf being hunted by spontaneous fan mobs, the two of them need a long vacation. XD


At least Brat looks like herself. I can’t tell most of the other cast apart.

Brat Yeah!!!

I thought Ookaminokishi was off camping this weekend, they got internet in the woods?



Ah, poor Wiglaf and Mordred……Always being stalked….

Brat reminds me of someone I once knew, who seemed to particularly enjoy stalking my best friend. Fortunately, she stopped after he moved away…..Except Brat is more entertaining. (Though I did enjoy hearing about when my friend’s stalker snuck into his house five minutes after his parents had gone to work, successfully freaking him out….)


Not that one, Wiglaf. You look too much like Arthur with that black and red. Unless you’re trying to damage his morale by showing him up?

You can just hear Mother’s reaction to Brat. “Really, dear? I had no idea you were such a music enthusiast.”
Brat’s not my favourite, but, as has been pointed out, she makes a great foil for several of your more common characters. And who knows? She may develop some sort of redeeming quality later in your off-the-cuff-ness. :)

Hurrah for the return of the girl-mob!


mmm, jealous mordred? ^-^ yeah, i agree with NJ…Brat’d piss me off to no end in real life, but i like her in the comic.


hm. I have someone like that, but in male form…but a lot less pretty and a lot more creepy. x_X
Awwww, someone’s all green eyed! >:3
And yet, despite all the girls that are practically flinging themselves at him, he just doesn’t get it. And the fact he’s so naive just makes me want to join in with the clouds of groupies he has :3 <33333



Klavier Gavin much?

I mean seriously, that’s almost his exact coat, plus Wiglaf has long blond hair and tan skin, too. :|


Brat is as her ‘name’ implies a brat(=-.-=), not fond of her hounding but ya gotta admire her persistence! any who love Wiglaf’s outfit! ^(=^.^=)^ i’d love to see what else he tried on…oh and jealous much Mordred? don’t worry you have fan girls too trust me they just ain’t quite that obvious about it is all.(=^.^=)


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