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At Least Someone Knows What It Is

Tee Hee~

*passes out in corner and sleeps*

*Looks below at comments* While I love comments – you do all remember I have a forum that has a speculation thread? That would be an awesome place to go play by play for how you think this arc is going to go. Not a demand…but a mere request. My forum is dead. Go post it it. Pretty please!? *glitters and holds hands out in front of her in pleading position*

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Kryptonite” by 3 Doors Down


Wait, wait, wait. The author just passed out in front of us. According to standard anime/manga plotting rules that means a pervert or an accidental pervert has to fondle her or take pictures or something else like that. Who is the designated pervert?

As far as Grace goes, fat chance he’s actually gonna reveal anything satisfying in this story, we’re still in the getting-to-know-him stages.


Well well well, this is getting interesting. So there are now three separate parties (of sort of two people) attempting to gain control of the orb.

One team has Wiglaf, one has Azreal, and one has a zombie… I see a fight coming!


Yes, I agree a fight is coming.

But who will Win??

The Invincible, The un-Stoppable, or The Indestructible


The unstoppable of course, they just have to stop the other two but the other two can’t stop them because they are unstoppable.
It’s not a hard logic problem, is it?


Ok, but in a fight stopping some one is the same as defeating them, and how do you defeat someone who is invincible or indestructible??


Have you not been reading this comic strip previous to today? You call in their manipulative or high-maintenance family to stop them from fighting, or perhaps cause scenery damage that makes them have to do something besides fighting you. Or maybe you convince someone else to fight them for you and achieve the objective while they are stopped from fighting you by inability to multitask that successfully.


I think none of them will want it, after fighting to a draw.


Hmm. Forgot about this probability. I want to bet my two quatloos on Wiglaf running away with the orb while Azrael and Gawain fight, but also on the fight being called on account of lack of interest in finishing it. What odds will the other brains give me?


Heheh. Anyone else out there think that Grace is cute when he’s frantic? :D

Thank you for making my busy day better. *hugs the passed out liliy and then collapses in corner as well.*


Firstly, Hagen is so damned adorable that I want to scoop her up and hug her <3

Secondly, that is some tripped out wallpaper going on there XD Made me flashback to Kingdom Hearts, being in Monstro ^^,


I can never get over how much I love this comic. It’s one of the few ones I read where I honestly don’t know what to expect and I always, always, love the results.

Grace is adorable by the way!


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