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At Least Someone Likes Him

Wiglaf is eventually going to figure out Mordred doesn’t hate him. But until then…

Boudica’s just too cute, isn’t she? D:

Song Listening Recommendation:

“Hallelujah” by John Cale


Poor Wiglaf. Can’t say i blame her, though. At least he has Mordred on his side.
…you know, it’s probably a good thing that Wiglaf is basically invincible. I can’t see Mordred being allowed to keep a friend for very long otherwise, with the family he has. I wonder how many hopefuls were inhumed before this.


I think Mordred actually feels a little sorry for him. I mean, Wiglaf wasn’t trying to piss Boudica off at all. He was just enjoying himself.

Anyway, <3 Brat tied up in the background. She looks SO angry. XD


…Apple peeler. APPLE peeler. Apple PEELER. I love Boudica. So cheerful, so happy, so murderous!

Some things never change, after all. Wiglaf, loathed wherever he goes!


:lol2: Apple peeler!

And poor Wiglaf (again!), he didn’t mean to make her hate him, he just wanted to have some fun, and it wasn’t even his idea!

But yeah for Mordred! :D No spittin’ on God for me. X3


XD Ah, poor Wiglaf. He didn’t mean any harm; he just wanted to put on a decent performance so that Boudica wouldn’t be humiliated. You gotta feel bad for a guy when his attempt at doing a good deed gets him in trouble.

Hehe Boudica still looks cute even when she’s threatening violence. :happy:


Ahh well I was hoping Boudica would make a mistake in her part of the duet performance and Wiglaf would end up saving HER.. well maybe that would be cruel ^_^


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