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At Least There’s Green

After all, Green is Boss’ favorite color.

Sorry about the absence of the comic this week. It was one part computer, one part I’m like just a bad place personally and it’s affecting my work (as it has been for like two years) but I’m trying. I really am. I know it sounds like lip service at this point, but I mean if every time I say it. *sighs*

Either way, I’m happy with this strip. It’s silly and I needed it. :D

Edit: First: WaM’ll be late on Wednesday. I lost track of time playing a video game while decompressing & I really, really have to start going to bed earlier because Work has been a nightmare on no-sleep. (Haven’t been sleeping the best this past two weeks. Insomnia is not fun.)

Second: Thank you for your kind comments. You guys are the best and I really appreciate it. :D


Hey, don’t beat yourself up about the personal stuff. Some days are gonna be good, and others aren’t. The fact that you’re still here and still updating tells me it’s not just lip service, and in any case your mental health has to be the top priority. We’ll still be here whenever updates happen.


Couldn’t have said it better myself. I know what it’s like to go through this and I’m never gonna say that anything to make you feel bad about your mental health.

Glad to see that you can still enjoy stuff like this. Hang on to the little things that make you smile.

I must agree with boss… green is my favourite colour… ;)


Hey, hang in there, bud! (Yeah, it’s probably not nice place where you are right now; I know it’s easier said than done..)
If it may cheer you up a bit, I’d like to say that I follow WAM for many years, and it often
helps me in my dark moments, so thank you for that!
Now take all the time you need, but then please come back, we need you! :)


Hmm. “Magic” just seems too obvious, hiding ink in the wings seems too mundane….

So, how many bottles of Pepto Bismol just became suddenly empty?


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