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At Least They’re Impressed


Delaying the inevitable go! :D

Edit: Really delaying. XD WaM’ll be super late Friday, and Sunday’s looking like it’ll be the same. >.>


Well, at least Azrael was paying attention all those times he fought Wiglaf. He can skip the basic hero training that way.


Lancelot is happy that his plants are defeated, as if it were part of a plan…

And yet nothing seems to be triggered by the plants’ deaths-no acid blood, no poisonous gas, no ‘more powerful form’… nothing.

So, a few wild guesses then:

1) Lance is a certified mad genius, and the dying plants release either a subtle poison or pathogen, or reproduce via clouds of near-invisible spores or rootlets from the rotting carcasses (an army of hundreds in about a week?).

2) Lance is a certified mad genius, and is looking forward to be defeated, roughed up a bit and thrown in jail, because that ‘is the way things are properly done’.His villain cred firmly established, Lance breaks out of prison with a new Master Plan and begins his new career of having enormous amounts of fun, followed by the joy of watching True Heroes defeat his schemes and then a relaxing vacation in prison…like a ‘true Mad Scientist should’.Lance reasons that this cycle is part and parcel of his new Calling and he intends to enjoy every minute of it,now that he finally knows his place in the world…

3) The creator of this webcomic is a certified mad genius with far more inspiration than myself, and will surprise me with something more creative than my wildest dreams-as usual.

Waiting as patiently as I can for the other shoe to drop…


Except something was triggered. If you read the panels, Azzie is surprised about, something(‘I was expecting gas so this is a surprise’) and they’re talking about fighting it (‘So this hero thing, it means we’re obligated to engage and destroy right?’).
Also, the pair are looking UP at something.
So, there’s something big there, we just cannot see it yet.


Plus they’re mention Lance being able to control a ‘mutated beast’.

Maybe it’s a plant/animal mutant-hybrid thing?


That should say ‘they’. Looks like Lance’s mutagen agents are leaking into the comments and mutating the comments.


Oh. In my experience, purple gas in cartoons/comics is usually noxious. I was expecting them to fall down unconscious or something.


Maybe I’m reading the above comic from the wrong angle, but to me it sounds like they are discussing a future, immediately pending fight not the one(s) they just finished. Something big is in front of them. That’s why Azzie’s are staring and they aren’t already beating up Lance.

Also, Azzie’s first line is “I was expecting gas, so this is a surprise,” I would take to mean the “gas” didn’t last long before the new threat sprouted.

That’s my guess, and now I’m waiting to the awesomeness of Friday!


Hmm we may need the Teenaged mutant Ninja Turtles.

Azzie becoming the Hero? Could be fun but Grace probably won’t be happy if Azzie decides to go the Hero route.


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