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Author Cameo

I dunno. I felt like keeping the gag going and drawing my grey hairs. Lol. *pats Security*

Edit: D&D ran super long and it’s after ten. Lol. Gotta’ go to bed semi-soonish (I will probably play Genshin I won’t lie to myself), but it looks like no WaM today. XD See you on Wednesday!

Edit 2: I essentially got home after 9pm and my brain does not work. Lol. Sorry about no WaM tonight. T-T I’ll see you on Friday.


It’s a shame that Security is probably the only character we’ve seen that you can break the fourth wall with in this way. I mean, you may be able to argue that you could with Peri as well, and Camlann could probably do it if touching him didn’t cause pain alongside burns, and the fact that he’ll happily tell the main cast five minutes later about meeting a person who can warp reality on a level even beyond himself, to the point of being responsible for all of their actions to some extent. But still…


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